Week #2 Summer Reading Jack and the Beanstalk Magic Beans

Jack and the Beanstalk Magic Beans

Week #2 Come Grow With Us

This week you can receive bonus reading minutes!
Listen to the read aloud stories, answer the questions and receive 20 minutes toward your reading minutes.

Jack and the Beanstalk
What did Jack’s mother ask him to do?
What did Jack receive when trading the cow?
What did mother do with the beans?

The Tale of Peter Rabbit
Where did mother tell the rabbits that they were never to go?
Where did Peter run off to?
Did Peter make it back home?

You can make an appointment for your personal science experiment.
Call the Library and setup your time for our Magic Bean Growing Experiment.
This time will only include staff, you and your family member.
All safety and social distancing rule will be applied.